Keltic Fish vs. "Big Telephone Companies"

100% Focused on Your Company

We provide expert, on-site surveys to prepare your business for IP phone service.

We deliver superior U.S. based support and service to all your staff.

We're a single source for Service, Hardware, Installation, Training, and Maintenance.

Our flat-rate pricing includes unlimited nationwide calling, training, and maintenance.

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 An array of features are available that will satisfy your business’ needs. Running a business takes work, coordination, patience, and diligence, so we strive to ensure that the tools your business needs to streamline and simplify your work and your employees' work are readily available. Many of our integrated features are utilized in the same VoIP systems of Fortune 500 companies. We continue to develop and add to our expansive feature list, so your company can access our latest features.

HD Voice Calls

High definition voice clarity allows you to evade the grainy, low quality audio typically found in many low cost call networks.

Robust Voicemail

Free your voicemail from the confines of your desk phone at the office. VoiceLink allows for robust possibilities with voicemail to email or with our mobile app.

Virtual Receptionist

Customize your virtual receptionist, so callers are automatically routed to the appropriate department or extension. No missed calls equals better caller experience.


Call recording allows you to keep a record of all of your calls. No more worries about missing a piece of crucial information or forgetting an intrinsic detail.

Online Management

Use our online portal with its simple layout to manage your phone system, including changes to your caller ID, Voicemail greetings and more at any time and from anywhere.

Video Conferencing

Collaborate with the rest of our team anytime, anywhere, using our video conferencing platform.

Mobile App

  • Call your clients from your mobile phone using your business phone number. Your clients will never know you’re not in the office.

  • Use our mobile app to screen your voicemails. Review your voicemails with a few swipes. Easily choose which voicemails you listen to, save, and delete.

  • Manage your phone system remotely. Control how your office routes calls to you. Adjust for holidays or unexpected office closures.

Paid Features

Voicemail Transcription

There are no monthly limits for our flat rate per user transcription service.


Monthly up to 500 page per month / per number / $0.06 per page overage charge. **overage applies only eFax customers**

Toll-Free Numbers

Monthly up to 2000 minutes per month / per number / $0.06 per minute overage charge.